Fried Cassava leaves and Com Hao of the E De in Dak Lak – Vietnam

For Ede people in Dak Lak – Vietnam, cassava leaf is one of the most popular vegetables in the meal. You have many ways to cook dishes with Cassava leaves , the most famous is the Cassava leaves stir-fried papaya flowers.


fish, cassava leaves, papaya flower, lemon grass – photo

To have a delicious fried cassava leaves, choose the type of cassava leaves, purple stems, small leaves and thin. Picked early in the morning, when the young leaves are covered with white powder. Picking young leaves near the tops, then leave the stalks long, bring them to the wash, spread evenly on the dilapidated or put them into the mortar before cooking.

In addition to lemongrass, chili, squash to create spicy and fragrant, indispensable ingredients of fried cassava leaves are papaya flowers and little bitter fruit. Male budding papaya flowers are picked up, cut off old pieces, washed, drained. Make fat of the dish is lard, add a little anchovy or steamed fish steamed.

Com Hao with fried cassava leaves – photo


The secret for a good disk is keeps fire. The fire only needs to be ripe for the noodles to ripen but not to dry, just to ripen, the papaya is still crunchy. The bitterness of the cassava leaves, tomato and papaya flowers blended with the sweetness of the pork fat, dried fish and the feeling of tearing the tongue of chili peppers.

Fried cassava leaves and papaya flower – photo

No need for more sophisticated ingredients, no complicated processing, the cassava leaves stir fry the papaya male still make the meal more flavorful and attractive, associate members of the family.