13 key national agricultural products of Vietnam in 2019

According to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), the following list of 13 products has been published include:

1- Rice

2- Coffee

3- Rubber

4- Cashew

5- Pepper

6- Tea

7. Vegetables and fruits

8. Cassava and cassava products

9- Pork meat

10- Meat and eggs of poultry

11- Pangasius

12- Shrimp

13- Wood and wood products

In the world, many countries have identified key agricultural products to encourage development. However, so far, there is no unified set of indicators to identify key agricultural products among countries around the world.

Instead, depending on the natural, economic and social conditions as well as the political and social security objectives of each country, they choose key agricultural products to focus on development.

Through an overview of international experience in key product identification and development, there are four main groups of criteria that most countries use to identify their key agricultural products, including:

1- Groups economic criteria;

2- Group of social criteria;

3- Group of environmental criteria;

4- Criteria for product development priority.