Agriculture sector targets US$40 billion in export turnover

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will make an effort to achieve agricultural growth of at least 3 percent and earn roughly US$40 billion from exports this year.
In the figure, over 21 billion USD will be from cultivated products, around 9 billion CHF from aquatic products, more than 8. 5 billion dollars USD from forestry products, and 1 ) 5 billion USD from others.

The rate of new-style rural communes is established at 37 percent and 52 districts will achieve the status.

These are targets placed in a quality issued by the ministry’s Civil Affairs Committee in order to implement the Government’s Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP dated January 1, 2018.

In order to achieve the above targets, the ministry will continue improving mechanisms to develop socialism-oriented market economy in farming, submit a draft Regulation on Cultivation, a condensation Law on Animal Husbandry, amendments and supplements to many articles of the Law on Natural Tragedy Prevention and Control, elevating public understanding of Law on Irrigation, Law on Forestry, and revised Law on Fisheries and relevant regulations, ordinances and resolutions.

This will also continue bettering the business climate by cutting administrative procedures, building e-government with a give attention to online general public services, one-stop shop system for customs clearance.

By the same time, the sector will encourage the development of high-tech and organic and natural agriculture while reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling State-owned enterprises, reshuffling agro-forestry companies and submitting process management on developing 12-15, 000 cooperatives, agricultural supportive alliances for 2017-2020.

Further more attention will also be paid to developing farming and rural infrastructure, conditioning capacity of disaster elimination and mitigation in answer to climate change, transnational cohesiveness in effective and lasting use of water resources, ecological environment protection, and bettering management in the quality of agricultural materials and food safety.